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If you need experienced building contractors in Scarborough or wider North Yorkshire, then call the skilled and experienced professionals at GH Building today, or read Frequently Asked Questionsbelow to learn more about our services.


Can you help me with an interior wall to section an existing room?

Yes, of course. Call and we'll come and take a look. We can talk the options through together.

Will you take on small jobs such as a garden wall to section my flower beds?

Absolutely - especially in warm weather! Call and we can talk through your ideas for shape and style.

Will you consider a larger project like adding an extension?

We will consider any job. Extensions are a really good idea for making your home better for your family or adding value if you're considering selling. Use the form on our Contact page and tell us a bit more about what vision you have.

How do I trust you to clean up after yourself?

We have a homes oursevles and can't stand it if other people leave a mess. Of course, there's always dust involved in building services and we will need to wear appropriate safety boots, but we'll never walk on your carpets in them and will do everything to make sure the area is left dust-free and ready for your use.

How do you take your tea?

Like a typical builder please, good and strong (and preferably Yorkshire).

What if I want something a bit different?

We're always happy to have a chat. If it's a construction-based art installation or an unusually shaped wall - no problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

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